The school, jointly organized by SISM and CNR-IOM, aims to provide the concepts and basic physical principles of scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis with a special focus on nanostructured materials and technological applications. The school is addressed to researchers, technicians and students both from academia and industry who wish to acquire the skills necessary for the proper use of scanning electron microscopy and related analytical techniques.

The school includes both lectures and demonstrations at the CNR-IOM facilities. The basic physical principles and the various analytical techniques available in a modern scanning electron microscope will be presented to participants in the form of lectures; practical sessions will be conducted  both on a Field Emission Gun (FEG) Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and on a Focused Ion Beam/Dual Beam system to investigate different types of nanostructured materials and to highlight performances, differences and fields of applications.

Emphasis will be also paid on current trends and technologies for industrial applications from device nanofabrication by electron beam lithography and Focused Ion beam technology to characterization and failure analysis as well as in-situ electrical probing.

During practical sessions, participants will have the opportunity to observe their own samples properly prepared in advance. To this end, participants are kindly invited to send their samples along with a detailed description of the related scientific case to the organizers of the school, not later than July 31, 2015. Samples received after that date will not be taken into consideration.

At the end of the school, participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


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